Tuesday, January 10, 2006


High Praise from the High Priest of Ed Reform

It's not often that a writer is honored to be compared to a chimp, but I could not have asked for a stronger plug yesterday of my site from the folks over at Eduwonk, the country's leading education reform blog. Here's what they had to say about my post on the Florida voucher ruling:

"At Dan Gerstein's new blog Dangerous Thoughts he questions the logic of the decision and also raises the charter question. Gerstein has a proclivity to say interesting and provocative things so this blog should be an interesting read. In fact, in terms of his ability to shake things up -- and they do need some shaking -- Gerstein with a blog is like a chimp on acid with a loaded shotgun so look for good stuff from there going forward."

I will return the favor by saying that when it comes to providing penetrating analysis of and innovating thinking on education policy and politics, Eduwonk is the 800-pound gorilla channeling Al Shanker (the legendary leader of the American Federation of Teachers, for those not familiar with him). It is one-stop idea shopping for ed reform geeks and lay readers alike, and I would urge my visitors to add it to their must-read list.

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