Thursday, March 02, 2006


Today's LSOTA (Latest Sign Of The Apocalypse)

Some folks like to think we New Yorkers have cornered the market on incivility. But cheeck out this story out of Utah, and you can begin to see that America's culture of repugnance is alive and well in all corners of this great land.

In what might be called the mother of all rugrat sports rage incidents, a 33-year-old woman attending a youth league basketball game for fifth- and sixth-graders in Cedar City attacked a referee after the game over foul calls -- a referee who happened to be five months pregnant.

The referee is apparently okay. Our social norms, on the other hand, clearly are not.

contribute to ned lamont here.

fuck joe lieberman. etc.
Vote for Ned Lamont.

Do we really want to re-elect Lieberman, the homophobic racist?
Is this really a sign of the apocalypse? Or just a random story of a bad person.

Do you ever get tired of being a douche?

Go Lamont.
Just read your interview on the Dean interview... What a joke...

You just love attacking dems huh?
If you need some support, feel free to contact Debra Howell at the Post.
Please add "wanker" to your list of accomplishments.
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