Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Ethics Chickens Coming Home to Roost

As I predicted last week (see "Jeffersonian Virtues" post below), the Democrats' lack of courage in confronting corruption within their own ranks is beginning to undermine their credibility on the issue. Witness this story from Bloomberg News today, which is likely to be the tip of an integrity iceberg for the Party, unless the party poohbahs (especially Leader Pelosi) break out of their defensive crouches soon.

Mollohan, Jefferson Cases Hamper Democrats' Attacks Over Ethics
May 16 (Bloomberg) -- House Democrats' efforts to capitalize on what they call a Republican-created ``culture of corruption'' in Washington are being complicated by ethical allegations against two of their own members.

Representative Alan Mollohan of West Virginia, until April the ranking Democrat on the House ethics committee, said yesterday he's reviewing his financial disclosures after being accused of misstating personal assets. Fellow Democrat William Jefferson of Louisiana vowed to stay in office and fight allegations that he accepted bribes.

Democrats have focused on Republican scandals as they try to regain control of Congress amid sagging approval ratings for President George W. Bush and congressional Republicans.

The ethics problem ``seems to transcend party affiliation,'' said Amy Walter, House editor of the Cook Political Report, a nonpartisan Washington newsletter. ``An overwhelming focus on this corruption issue feeds into the negative stereotype that voters have about Congress, which is that it's just one side trying to score points off the other.''

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