Tuesday, January 23, 2007


More Crack for Political Junkies

The latest fix-provider to America's political junkies, The Politico, launched today. Positioned as a competitor to both the Capitol Hill newspapers (Roll Call, the Hill) as well other Beltway fixtures like the Washington Post, the Politico has a lot of top-flight talent and an innovative (at least on the surface) multi-media model going for it. Should be interesting to watch whether it survives/thrives in such a crowded market.

In the meantime, I would encourgage you to check out some of the good stuff up on the site on opening day. In particular, take a look at the typically well-sourced lead story by Ben Smith on the budding competition between Hillary and Obama for key African-American support, as well as Ben's blog on the 2008 race. Also, speaking of well-sourced, don't miss Anne Schroeder's Shenanigans gossip blog -- a former Washington Postie, Anne is about as plugged in as they come and is always good for a juicy nuggett or two.

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