Wednesday, February 28, 2007



This is not something you see everyday: Politico editor John Harris posted a column today acknowledging his error in using the phrase "slow bleed" to brand John Murtha's plan for stopping the Bush troop surge in Iraq.

After reading Harris's confession, you could either see the glass of spilt milk as half full or half empty. You could give some Harris some credit for personally owning up to the mistake, rather than hiding behind some passive-voiced, third-person correction that most dead-tree publications typically run. Or, as the always even-handed Kos did, you could use it as an opportunity to blanketly accuse Harris and The Politico of being "a treasure-trove of bullshit negative Democratic framing?"

To be fair, Kos did give some Harris a modicum of credit at the bottom of his post, after he worked in a gratuitous, self-important dig at yours truly. But that notwithstanding, his comments on the whole are just another example of the far left's troubling tendency to write off media reports they don't like or disagree with as damning evidence of deep bias -- what might be called Fox-o-phobia.

Surely Kos can do better than that. Maybe it's time to apply a little accountability at home, and ask Kos back up his "treasure trove" assertion.

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