Sunday, February 18, 2007


Kudos to Matt Stoller

I was pretty tough on the Netroots' wagon-circling response to the Edwards blogger scandal in my Politico column on Friday. So it's only fair, in terms of giving credit where credit is due, that I call attention to this standout post by Matt Stoller on MyDD yesterday.

Matt and I disagree on a lot of things -- he was one of Lieberman's fiercest antagonists during the campaign -- but I was impressed by his cold-eyed, sophisticated assessment of what went wrong here and the mutual responsibilities of bloggers and campaigns when they join forces. I hope more activist bloggers and Democrats who hire them heed his advice.


I'm curious to know how you feel about Glenn Greenwald's recent post on Senator Lieberman.

Whether you agree with it or not (and I assume you don't) it seems like he has points that deserve to be addressed.

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