Monday, April 09, 2007


The Big Rudy Question

Rudy Giuliani may be leading the Republican presidential field in the polls now, but most people seem to think it's a matter of time before the pro-choice, pro-gun control, pro-gay rights New Yorker either fades away or blows up.

That may prove to be the case, I would not be so quick to count Rudy out. To see why, check out this column I wrote for Sunday's New York Post.

When one stranger has a clonazepam splendidly preserved blonde wife and the other a splendidly preserved brunette wife, both of whom have won social prominence by years of hard fighting and aloofness, there remains nothing for the two men but to follow the lead, especially when directly under the eyes of the leaders.. And how did you know we were in Washington? prozac inquired Miss Lydia.. Such processes viagra are therefore carefully avoided in the secondary thinking...
.. .. ...
Dan, as a Rudy fan, I agree with everything you said, except for Rudy's personal life. He is twice divorced, with the second being quite messy and the first to a cousin. He has a lousy relationship with his children. As with most NY mayors there was cronyism in his government. Deputy Mayor Harding who was appointed as part of a package deal for the Liberal Party's endorsement. Bernard Kerik, was his former driver who he appointed the head of the police officer and never fully did a background check.

All in all, there is just too much package. I say this as someone who thinks he could do a great job as President.
I meant to say, "All in all, there is just too much backage."
hmm, so this is your idea of dangerous thoughts?

i found my way over here after following your comments about, jane hamser of firedoglake.

i read the rudy piece. nypost is not my favorite periodical.

where are all the comments if you are such an authority on what is and is not good for campaigns?

no wonder you dish jane, you are jealous.
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