Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The Case for Rudy (continued)

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece for the New York Post on Rudy Giuliani's presidential prospects, arguing that pundits and many of my fellow Democrats were making a mistake to automatically rule out the possibility of Rudy winning the Republican nomination next year just because of his liberal views on social issues.

Veteran political reporter Tom Edsall takes this argument to a whole other level in a must-read cover story in the new issue of The New Republic. Digging deep into the post-9/11 transformation of the Republican Party, as well as the details of Giuliani's record, Edsall marshalls a compelling amount of evidence to show that America's mayor may be a much better fit for the current mood of the GOP than most outside observers recognize.

This piece won't on its own make the understandable skepticism about a pro-choice candidate winning a nomination process dominated by pro-life voters evaporate. But it will open a lot of eyes and I suspect it may well open a lot of minds too.

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